Thursday, February 24, 2011

Love My Life

I have a feeling that my days in Florence are coming to an end...and I may be headed to Rome. Hopefully not, but its definitely a looming possibility. I love how I act like Rome is the worst place ever lol!  But Florence has really grown on me, and I don't feel like I'm ready to leave. To show my adoration for this place, I thought I would post some pictures of the things that made me fall in love--

These shoes, I seriously thought about buying. They're 4 of my favorite things mixed into one- peacock feathers, animal print, fringe, and they're sandals!
We had to do a group project for class and ours was over speed dating. These were the boys...

The night after our final test...yes we played beer pong.

These street artist guys are insane. They do the most amazing work, and then wash it away and do something new the next day.

This is the first protest I managed to get stuck in the middle of

I sat next to this guy while I was eating lunch and just thought he was fabulously Italian.

One of the many gypsy ladies shaking her plastic cup for money. This might be me pretty soon.

I don't know if I've mentioned it, but EVERYBODY has dogs in this city. They poop all over the sidewalks and 9 out of 10 times nobody picks it up. But they are adorable to look at!

And the dogs are almost always wearing a jacket or shirt of some sort.

Protest Number 2: Both were protesting the same thing--I think the Prime Minister was caught up in a prostitutuion scandal or something.

I loved how all of these bicycles were lined up and so colorful!

And there are a ton of motorcycles around here.

The produce stand by my apartment.

I just liked this little piece of graffiti...

Precious dog. It always sits in front of its owner's store and never runs away.

More fur coats....I will stay in Italy until I get one.

I think this is the spot where a monk was burned to death. Possibly?

Taking a lunch break from his carriage rides.

This place has pretty good gelato. Its definitely fun to walk by.

These sweet little guys are everywhere. They really make me realize that "oh yeah I'm in Italy"

I love this wall. I walked by it every single day and never noticed the artwork.

This is a piazza close to my apartment. We always say its where the homeless crowd hangs out during the day. They always have a flea market going on, too.

This stand has gorgeous flowers.

From our last day of class-- Samantha and Judit (ahh love her)

4 of my faves- Sam, Brie, Cait, and Sarah

Megan, Ali, and Madi

This is at the flower stand from before. Sweet baby just hangs out all day.

Miss these girls!

I know that was a lot of random pictures, but I've been saving them all for a long time and none of them really fit into a theme. So basically, everything and everyone you see has been my life for the past month :)

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