Saturday, January 29, 2011

First week down...

I made it through my first week of classes! Yay :) They're not hard, its just hard to go Monday thru Friday, basically from 9:30 until 6:00 pm. And I hate walking in the cold, which makes it even harder to go! There are a lot more people doing the program than I had thought...probably like 20. So I've made a lot of new friends! I finally walked around town yesterday and took pictures! 

Here are some from the Duomo...

It's insanely huge and beautiful...almost overwhelming to look at

The girls eating lunch

This is Piazza de Repubblica...where our school is

The random carousel in front of the school...I've never seen anybody on it

And finally....all of the girls in Group B
Rose, Caitie, Sam, Jess, Lydia, Amanda, and Brie, Judit, and Kristine in the back

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  1. Everything is so beautiful...I'm glad to see its as beautiful as everyone says!! I love the buildings omg! And all the girls look nice:) I miss you!